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Having a Shopping Cart Doesn’t Automatically Mean Sales

Getting a shopping cart to connect with customers requires making the site trustworthy, easy to navigate and that help is only a click or a call away. When manufacturers try to sell from their websites they often don’t get many sales because they have to sell at MSRP (full price) or run the risk of losing their dealers but there are ways to influence sales from end users and not alienate your down-line.

Every shopping cart can process an order but is your shopping cart good for your business? Does it allow for split shipments, back orders, order history and can you create bundles or packs? If not, you can be leaving money on the table. Your shopping cart can hum like a fine tuned machine, it just takes a plan and a team of professionals who can unlock the potential of your selling website.





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by Hugh Waters, CEC
Certified Ecommerce Manager & Analyst

Question: How long does it take to build an ecommerce enabled website?

Answer: You will need to budget at least 100 hours of ecommerce developer time for a basic turnkey set up. This would not include graphics, content or other aspects of the site.

Question: What does a basic turnkey ecommerce solution cost?

Answer: The cheapest someone can realistically get into an ecommerce solution with a good chance of being successful is about 10k.

Question: Why so much?

Answer: This is not a lot for the tools that enable or increase cash flow. For example a restaurant or small business looking to increase sales can open a website easier and faster than getting into an unaffordable business equipment lease. Unlike most capital expenditures, an ecommerce site recoups the cost faster and increases overall exposure of the business. A new oven or stove for the kitchen won’t do that.

Question: I already have a website with a shopping cart but I don’t get many sales.

Answer: Every day people spend more online. You are either selling a product no one wants or your business could be making some mistakes. Or maybe you haven’t set the right expectations and your goals aren’t in line with the selling realities. Its easier than ever to determine the market share for a given business. Have you done enough research?

Question: We hired a supposed expert and found out later we got nothing for our money.

Answer: There are too many people who say they are good at something when they are not. Being honest about ones abilities is very important. Fill out the contact form and we will tell you if we are a match or not. Hiring is the hardest part of digital. People who know what they are doing effortlessly complete projects. People who only know a little will struggle and take you over budget.

Question: I have a concept or an idea for a new online business. Do you hep with idea assessments or qualifications?

Answer: Yes, to an extent we can help show you how to get your idea better critiqued before you get underway. Ecommerce and marketing technologies are changing so fast, what sounds good today may get obsolesced tomorrow. You need a good solid idea for two reasons, will it make money and will it be able to withstand all the technology changes?

Question: I like what I have read and want to know more about how you can help me. How do I become your customer?

Answer: Please fill out the form and we will schedule a call. If your needs and our skills are a fit we will move to the quotation for services phase. If your needs don’t match our skills, we may refer you to someone who does. Either way, you have nothing to lose.

Amazon, Ebay, Overstock, Wayfair, Jet, Channel Advisor

Question: Should I sell on Amazon?

Answer: If Amazon will accept you, then you should sell on Amazon. Almost all shopping carts today have the ability to pull orders from Amazon and many carts have the ability to “push” products on Amazon. Selling on Amazon can help your brand and your sales. Same with Ebay but you have to decide if the platform aligns with your goals. If so, then it is a paint by the numbers approach and in little time, you can be selling.

Question: Should I sell on Overstock, Jet or Wayfair?

Answer: If you don’t mind shipping to the customer yourself, then these three channels can add to your sales. Overstock, Wayfair and Jet will want your lowest wholesale price too. The upside is that to get on these platforms is relatively easy and requires good working knowledge of Excel.

Question: What is “multi-channel” or “omni-channel” selling?

Answer: Multi-channel or Omni-channel selling refers to the art of selling in multiple platforms, sites and marketplaces simultaneously. Today it is not unusual for a business to have a shopping cart that links to Amazon, Ebay and other platforms to create a seamless selling machine. You only want to do multi-channel selling if you have the inventory as drop shipping multi-channel will not work.

Magento vs. Shopify vs. Woocommerce

Question: Which is the best shopping cart?

Answer: These three carts represent the bulk of carts on the web today. Any shopping cart will process an order. Most people will not have issues like having to scale so getting a shopping cart and the cost it incurs makes sure that you have to have an honest conversation with your business realities. Many people will get Magento because they think Magento will scale real well. What that means is that should a business get lucky with Adwords and sales spike, Magento won’t be left coughing and wheezing when there is a lot of traffic on the site. But how many people will have a spike that crashes servers? The answer is not many so a lot of business went out and got Magento and when something happens, these businesses find it hard to get qualified help at an affordable price. Luckily, we are here. to help.

Magentowhen you are convinced you are going to be the next Nike.

WordPress / Woocommerceflexible and can be configured in many ways, great for sites with less than 10,000 products and less than a 1000 visitors a day.

ShopifyGood for sites with anywhere from 1 to 20,000 products and up to 5000 visitors a day. Unless you have special needs, Woocommerce and Shopify are going to satisfy most business requirements.

What Does Multi-Channel Selling Look Like?

multi-channel selling with amazon, shopify, magento, woocommerce, quickbooks and shipstation
multi channel selling,

Multi-Channel selling is when you have a website that you sell from and you add another channel like Amazon. This would be considered multi-channel selling. What many businesses realize when they do this, is they now have two separate order fulfillment routines. One for Amazon where the business has to log into Amazon and retrieve the orders and another routine where the business has to go into the company website to get the orders. This separation of the orders can actually cause problem in order fulfillment. Ideally a business wants a “dashboard” where all the orders can be filled in one area.

Today it is easier than ever to do. An excellent example is where a business that uses Shopify can add Amazon order pulling to their account. Once the business successfully implements this, it becomes an ingrained part of the business operating procedures resulting in time savings and improved order filling.

A business can choose from many different tools to piece together an multi-channel selling juggernaut. The first part the business needs is actual inventory and an accounting system. Almost all shopping carts can integrate with Quickbooks and Xero. When these two things are put together (shopping cart and integrated accounting), it is now possible to add channels. The chart to the left shows a fictional company chart of a multi-channel operation.

Click the image to enlarge and you will see the structure and that it will be easy to identify the tools you will need like Mail Chimp for email, Zen Desk for customer service, Ship Station for your postage needs and and possibly Woocommerce or Shopify or Magento for your website. All these tools talk to one another in ways they never did before. It used to cost tens of thousands of dollars to do this but now businesses can get in for much less. Plus all the tools now self update.

Multi-channel selling, the new reality in online selling.




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