From the book: Top corporations today embrace a philosophy of creating multiple and measurable “short term wins”. This strategy leverages collaboration and metrics which allows teams to adapt and excel. A Law Firm should be no exception. As digital technologies change, it gets harder to completely “in-source” all of the marketing functions.

Just replace the title “Marketing Coordinator” with the title “Marketing Project Manager” and you can change the dynamics of your efforts completely. Getting better advertising outcomes has never been easier. This book will help put the missing pieces of your advertising together. 36 pages

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Table of Contents

Adwords & PPC, Social Media, SEO Efforts, Digital In General, Summary
Solution Part 1 – Get Rid of Dead Weight, Solution Part 2 – Increase Your Surface Area, Solution Part 3 – Does Your Website Cost Or Save?, Solution Part 4 – Access Insight & Skills
In-Source vs. Outsource or Both, Employee Time: The Hidden Cost of Tech, Case Study: Local Business., Putting It All Together

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From the book: Perspective as Strategy requires an “edge” or outward artistic air. It is important that a Marketing Agency pay attention to itself and its own image in the way that it would for a client. Public Relation stunts, larger than life events, cutting edge art and design are the realm of the Perspective as Strategy.

Going hand in hand with Perspective as Strategy is what is called “Internal Capability”. This capability is what will give the firm a competitive advantage. Perspective as Strategy creates the opportunity to charge more and Internal Capability is what will allow the firm to live up to its own standards. 10 pages

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Table of Contents

1. Marketing Agency Strategy
2. Strategy Implementation
3. Building Internal Capability
4. Building A Pattern
5. Pricing A Pattern
6. Putting It Together

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From the book: As digital marketing professionals we hold a certain amount of power in our hands. We have the ability to create something from nothing. We adapt and change, we learn and react, and we get results or we don’t. On a macro level we can influence the success of an entire community or small geographic area. It is within our power to create more visitors for one geography than another. We can show people how to use digital marketing levers to methodically drive out competition. The list goes on.

What this means for us is that we accept this responsibility and will use it wisely. Our goals are for the area to prosper and for the businesses to use marketing responsibly. The outward and visible artifacts of this are our public relations and events that tie us into the community. 45 pages

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Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. The Spread Sheet
3. Spread Sheet Meaning
4. Marketing Plan
5. The Marketing Engine
6. Possible Event

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From the book: This book examines five different Ecommerce / food business ideas and discusses the similarities and differences in each. Utilizing a growing delivery network, food entrepreneurs have never had so many choices in ways to create and deliver products. This book breaks down the route to success when merging Ecommerce principles and prepared meals. Case studies are included of Lunches in Bunches, Dinner party / Romantic Meals, Food Truck Drive Thru and two others. 45 pages

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Case Studies

Lunches In Bunches, Box lunches bunched together in dramatic fashion for take out or delivery. Minimum order, 48 hour notice. Software and system (app) for offices or groups to order box lunch from local eateries that meet minimum standards. Uses easily sourced items. For restaurants that have daily deliveries

Dinner Party / Romantic Meals, 95% finished meals provided with tableware. Designed to allow a turnkey meal, the customer controls when to eat. Perfect for the host who wants to show off cooking skills but not spend all day preparing. Online ordering system allows up-sells for table and dinner-ware along with other specialty items associated with high end food preparation and serving. Ordered 48 hours in advance. $200 minimum. Uber Delivery. Videos and “Chef Chat”

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